Semi Permanent Make-Up by Sue Nightingale

Having been involved in the beauty industry and working for some of the leading cosmetic houses for over twenty years I have learnt how important it is for women to look good….and it’s not just women; it’s becoming increasingly more important to men too.

However, I have discovered the amazing benefits of semi permanent make-up when it comes to easing the pressures of our busy lives. We all know how much better we feel after applying makeup, so imagine feeling that way all the time. Semi permanent make-up can subtly enhance what you already have or give you a completely different look altogether.

Not only is it a solution for saving time, it can make a huge difference to the lives of those of us who may have alopecia, facial or body scarring or have had a mastectomy. Semi permanent make-up helps to boost confidence by hiding or disguising those features which make us uncomfortable. I have been trained by and work closely with Nouveau Contour, leaders in the permanent cosmetic industry.

Semi Permanent Make-Up